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7: "kolymaSTAT" v1.0 released (0)6: "kncdn" announced (1)
5: ad on 4/jp/ explodes after mention of ayashii (3)4: q revealed? (2)
2: FINALY BACK (1)1: (´• ω •`)ノ here ye, here ye! (0)

(´• ω •`)ノ here ye, here ye!
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q revealed?
codemonkey/ron watkins accidentally reveals himself as Q


https://twitter.com/i/status/1378916248063463428 (embed)

watch the twitter video. its telling
fuck jim morrison

"kncdn" announced

>Due to the messiness of stored files, we have created 1, central cdn to replace cdn.kolyma.org, static.kolyma.org, and koko.kolyma.org.

>https://kncdn.org is where all static, and soon, user uploaded files will be stored.

ad on 4/jp/ explodes after mention of ayashii

why are they like this?
vile, vile people
twitter mob
thats ridiculous and sad

"kolymaSTAT" v1.0 released
Slow down!!


Heyuris textboards are at last, back.

( ̄ω ̄)

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